Feeding yeast

Journalist Mette Juhl Jessen from MadLibitum, who produces serious but also entertaining podcasts about the food universe, has paid us a visit.

The visit was planned to be one of the days when the last honey mixture was added to our mead brewing. Mette managed to capture the mood and the sound of the yeast, which goes totally crazy and boils up when we add the honey.

Yeast is a great fungus that starts to break down the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide extremely fast. If you keep your nose too long over the tub during this process, you get ill. Not because of the alcoholic vapours, but because all oxygen is squeezed out of the tub.

Yeast is a tiny fungus only a few my big, as an example 50 g yeast contains 500 million yeast cells. Yeast is a super-help when we cook. It ensures the airy bread, the good cheese and of course the alcohol in beer, wine and mead.

Listen and learn about yeast

In the podcast you can hear how Høgelundgaard Dairy creates their fantasy blue mold and fermented cheese. Nils Arneborg from the University of Copenhagen explains what’s up and down when we speak yeast and fungus.

The last part of the podcast is from Snoremark, where Karin partly feed the yeast, but also tells how she works with the yeast.

At Snoremark we work with a double fermentation process: In the autumn months we create the alcohol in the mead and when it gets warmer in early summer, we have a malolactic fermentation, where the sharp malic acid turns into a more stable and round lactic acid.

The new formats with podcasts are a great idea. We suddenly have the good radio report back with unique content, cool sound images and conversations that make us smarter. There is already a range of podcasts available from MadLibitum.

If you do not have the spreaker app, just download it and you will gain access to a series of exciting programs about food you can listen to whenever it suits you.

Listen to the podcast (in Danish):


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