Bottle stand, worms and confectionery

We are soon introducing a brand new bottle stand – a Viking ship with ribs and stem, which can be used to present the exquisite mead.

It can also be used as a bowl for fruit and bread or just displayed as a beautiful sculpture.

We presented the prototype on the large food and design fair Formland in Herning, Denmark. It was very positively received, so as soon as ve returned back home we put it in production.

The ship has been developed in collaboration with graphic designer Tove Fribourg from Lemon Design. In the near future you can find it in our webshop.

Worm snacks and truffle wine

By and large Formland was an experience for all senses. We visited a lot of the other stands and tasted a number of specialties.

At ENORM (“a worm” in Danish, haha) we were served worms with all kinds of spice plus a worm bar as a road trip snack for the journey home.

I’ve never been much into crisps and cheese puffs, and the worms fell a bit in the same category.

I was more excited about the taste in the neighboring stand: LaPetit Wine from Odense. After a scrupulous approval process they have gained sole rights to import a fabulous black truffle (mushroom). Hello friends, you have to go to Overgade 25, amazing tastes are awaiting.

Another taste explosion was at Hattesens Konfektfabrik (Confectionary) from Ærø. I’m usually not a big fan of all sorts liquorice, but in this case I have a new vice. Their confectionery is flavored with freeze-dried berries and made with abundant amounts of high quality ingredients.

All in all, I tasted many delights (a lot of chocolate), which will accompany a glass of our mead perfectly.

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