Winner cocktail with Snoremark mead

The other day we had a visit from bartender Denise Borkhardt from one of Copenhagen’s most delicious cocktail bars Lidkøb on Vesterbrogade.

Lidkøb is a super cozy place with a wide range of good whiskeys and exciting drinks. Denise came all the way to Snoremark by train and bus to pick up Snoremark Apple mead with Hops. She needed it for her brand new cocktail with whiskey and hops.

Denise managed to mix a winner drink: “Humle Old-Fashioned”. It is to be found on the cocktail menu at the bar in Vesterbrogade. Lidkøeb writes about the drink:

The perfect old-fashioned for the colder months. Four Roses Small Batch is stirred down with Danish Snoremark Apple and hops mead and sweetened with our house apple cider syrup.

We have assured the people at Lidkød that we are able to supply them with Snoremark Hops and do not run out immediately. Now we just need to invite some of the friends for a trip to the bar at Vesterbrogade.

Lidkøb is located in the old production rooms in the backyard of the local pharmacy. The old and crooked building was barely saved from demolition. Luckily the old buildings atmosphere was preserved, and today you can easily spend a whole evening in the cozy surroundings.

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