Mead on cruise

The cruise guests at Seaburn has a great opportunity to become wiser on mead.

In the latests issue of their customer magazine is a great article about mead. It describes the many different types of mead and the difference between them. The mead theme is completed with a presentation of a single producer. We almost blush in awe of the fact that Snoremark is taking up a full page as the only mead producer presented in the article.

That a big cruise magazine choose to bring a theme on mead. tells me that the interest in mead is growing. Maybe one day mead can match the current interest in whiskey or gin.

Mead booms in the United States

In the US the mead interest is much bigger than in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries. As a tourist you can find bars which only serves mead.

According to the American Mead Association the number of mead breweries haa grown from 30 in 2003 to 300 in 2016. So even though we believe that mead is a Nordic speciality, much suggests that we need to be vigilant to keep up with the development in the United States.

Seaburn sails with American tourists in Denmark from the earliest spring. On the route they enter Skagen, Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Rønne. The shops in these harbour cities that have Snoremark on the shelves get a unique marketing through the article in the customer magazine.

Read the mead theme article here (pdf)

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