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Nyt nordisk køkken

Nyt nordisk køkken

På Snoremark arbejder vi efter manifestet for Nyt Nordisk Køkken, det vil sige friske lokale råvarer, der er naturligt hjemmehørende i Danmark.

Økologi og naturvin

Økologi & naturvin

Vi prioriterer at anvende økologiske råvarer - dog har vi valgt at brygge med lokalt produceret honning, der ikke kan certificeres som økologisk.

fragt og levering

Fri fragt og hurtig levering

Køber du for over 375,- kr. er der fri fragt i Danmark undtaget Færøerne og Grønland.

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Girl from Bronze Age was barried with braggot mead

In the Bronze Age, care was taken to ensure that the dead received supplies on the journey to the afterlife, and the Egtved girl received, among other things, a birch bark bowl with an alcoholic beverage fermented on honey. 100 years ago – exactly February 24, 1921 – farm owner Peter Paltz put the shovel […]

Gefion and the Snoremark logo

The Snoremark apple mead logo is not an elegant Japanese character although it could resemble one. Our logo is a stone carving from the Bronze Age, which shows the goddess Gefion, who is plowing.

The perfect glass for drinking mead

We are often asked what kind of glass you should use for mead. I have found some different types of glasses that I would recommend when you want to enjoy a glass of mead.
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