Gefion and the Snoremark logo

The Snoremark apple mead logo is not an elegant Japanese character although it could resemble one. Our logo is a stone carving from the Bronze Age, which shows the goddess Gefion, who is plowing.

Mead on cruise

The cruise guests at Seaburn has a great opportunity to become wiser on mead. In the latests issue of their customer magazine is a great article about mead – and Snoremark!.

Snoremark now with a roadsign

I had to take an extra trip around the tiny roundabout in Gundsølille. The municipality’s people had been out putting up a sign leading to Snoremark Mead Brewery.

Winner cocktail with Snoremark mead

The other day we had a visit from bartender Denise Borkhardt from one of Copenhagen’s most delicious cocktail bars Lidkøb on Vesterbrogade. She needed our Apple mead with Hops for her brand new cocktail with whiskey and hops.

Feeding yeast

Journalist Mette Juhl Jessen from MadLibitum has made a fantastic podcast about yeast. Listen to the yeast going crazy when we add honey.

Snoremark in Ugebladet Søndag Magazine

On a sunny day in the summer of 2015, reporter Rikke Hast and her photographer Hanne Loop from Ugebladet Søndag came to Snoremark to listen to the story of our mead adventure – and to taste each variant, of course!

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