The perfect glass for drinking mead

We are often asked what kind of glass you should use for mead. I have found some different types of glasses that I would recommend when you want to enjoy a glass of mead.

I admit it’s not easy to find a good mead glass in the usual stores. I went for small dessert glasses and champagne glasses. You won’t find a wide selection. That is probably because glasses primarily are sold for beer, red and white wine.

But if you look in secondhand stores you will find elegant, fun and unique glasses, at a very different price than the new ones in the shops. I recently brought home a whole box of exciting glasses to be used for our tastings.

The optimal mead glass holds 20-25 cl, and has a small stem, so you do not heat the mead when you hold the glass. It should preferably have a quite small opening, to keep the beautiful aroma.

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