Snoremark now with a roadsign

I had to take an extra trip around the tiny roundabout in Gundsølille. The municipality’s people had been out putting up a sign leading to Snoremark Mead Brewery. It looks great and from now on it’s easy to tell you how to find us.

We have received a lot of comments from people we do not know who have suddenly realized that they have a mead brewery in their local area and who are curious about it.

Don’t underestimate how important it is to be visible in the landscape. To be honest it also reflects back on our own perception of our project. It is a commitment to have our own signs.

And no, a sign is not just something you get. You need to apply properly at the municipality. When the text has been approved and the sign has been put up, they send the bill.

Meadery or winery…

We had a lot of considerations about the text on the sign. If we should translate directly from the English “meadery”, it should say “mjøderi”. That sounded a bit weird.

We could also write “winery”, as it is a wine process, but it would give a wrong association.

We ended up with “Mjødbryggeri” (Mead brewery), although the word brewery makes people think of beer brewing. But the mead was produced in the scullery which in Danish is called the bryggers – derived from brewery.

So we ended up deciding that the beer must tolerate sharing “brewery” with us who make mead.

Perhaps there are signs of “beer brewery” in the future because they need to separate from the mead brewers. You are allowed to dream.

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