Snoremark Apple mead / Rose Hip 500ml


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A lightly spiced dessert mead in the style of a white port, Sauternes or Muscat, but made from pure Nordic products: organic apple juice, honey and fresh rose hips.
Alcohol 14.5% vol.
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Food :

This dessert wine has been awarded Mead of the Year by the Danish Bee keeper Association several times. Last in 2016. It has also won Special Appreciation and Bronze medal 2015-2017 by The Danish Forum for Fruit Wine.

Great aroma, sour-sweet and lightly spiced with a large body. Recommended for light and sweet desserts, the cake buffet or cheese.

Enjoy chilled at about 10 degrees. Approx. 12-14 glasses per bottle.

Shelf-life after opening:
3-4 months in the fridge.

Net weight: 500 grams = 500 ml
Package size: 8 * 0.5 litre per carton
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Rose hip:
The rose hips used in Snoremark Apple mead are collected along the beaches of Roskilde Fjord. Rose hip was introduced to Denmark in the 17th century as a decorative plant. Soon it was scattered in the landscape especially along the coasts where it found good growth conditions.

Today it is considered an invasive species but the fat red berries are full of good properties and lovely taste. Let’s get the best out of it now it is here.

Rose hip has been used as a medical plant as early as in ancient Greece. Back then the fruits of rose hip was used against rabies. Later on rose hip was used as cooling agent and to treat inflamations. Today it is reknown that the red berries are full of vitamin A and C as well as several minerals. It is not scientificly proved that it has a healing effect as mead, but we can guarantee that it has a soothing effect on soul and mood.

The Apple:
Topaz, which is used in brewing this mead, was developed in 1984 in the Czech Republic. The gardeners managed to produce a sturdy tree that grows well without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. This makes it very suitable for organic farming. The sour aromatic apples ripen late and get their juice and power from both summer and autumn.

The Bees:
The apple trees on Snoremark are entirely dependent on the bees pollination to produce fruit, and of course we are dependent on the honey of the bees to our mjød.

Read more about the bees here

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Snoremark Hyben (Rosehip) is a real pleaser among dessert wines and it works very well with a broad array of courses. It is difficult to find a dessert that will not go well with this variant, and it also works beautifully with blue cheese or a fois grais. If you prefer a bit of alcohol in you apple glögg, the Snoremark Hyben is the right choice, perhaps supplemented by a touch of vodka.
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