Snoremark Apple mead / Angelica Mead 750ml


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Snoremark’s Angelica Mead is an exciting alternative to champagne or dry white wine. It’s a fresh, dry wine, herby and slightly smoky, with the characteristic fragrance of angelica, depth of flavour from cider apples and a hint of honey.

Alcohol 7.5% vol

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Food :

SnoremarkApple mead with angelica is an exciting alternative to dry white wine or champagne. The angelica mead is an obvious companion for light fish dishes, oysters and smoked fish.


It is a fresh and dry sparkling wine. It has a hint of herbs, a light smoky feel and the characteristic angelica aroma. The deep taste is shaped by cider apples and honey.

Enjoy chilled at 5-7 degrees. Approx. 6 glasses per bottle.

Shelf-life after opening:
1-2 days in the fridge – with the cork in the bottle.

Net weight: 750 grams = 750 ml
Package size: 6 * 0.75 litre per carton
EAN barcode: 5712504012056


Angelica is a herb from the Arctic region. It is found in the wild on both Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and in Northern Norway. It used to be a widespread cultural plant through out Europe. Here it was used as a sweetener and as tobacco in times of shortage. But the import of cane sugar pushed it into oblivion. Now in the wake of the New Nordic Wave the many good qualities of angelica is beeing rediscovered and there is a good reason for this.

Angelica has a high amount of vitamin C and has been an important remedy for scurvy through time. Especially in Iceland it has been absolutely indispensably in the household and has kept the population alive in hard times.

In the Middleage during the rage og the plague a godfearing man had a revelation where the Arch angel Gabriel recommended to chew angelica roots to prevent the black death. This made angelica one of the most important remedies against the plague. This is where the plant got it’s name from: Angelica archangelica.

In the Snoremark angelica mead it is mainly the many etheric oils that creates the characterisktic taste which makes the angels sing.

The Bees:
The apple trees on Snoremark are entirely dependent on the bees pollination to produce fruit, and of course we are dependent on the honey of the bees to our mjød.

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