Grimfrost bilberry mead 750 ml


A rustic bilberry mead with a rich taste of Viking Age Sweden.

Alcohol 14.5 vol


Food :

Bilberry shrub covers as much as 17% of Sweden’s landscape. It’s an essential part of the Scandinavian bear’s diet in their preparation for winter hibernation.


The Bear’s Feast Brew consists out of bilberry juice, fermented together with another favourite among bears, Honey, into a dry beverage that resembles red wine. Serve it at room temperature to be consumed with main course meat dishes. The slight taste of forest, makes it especially good with game. Just the way a bear would love it.

Shelf-life after opening:

3-4-month in the fridge

Netto weight 750 grams=750 ml

Package size:. 12*0,75 litre per carton

Ean stregkode: 7350040290644

Grimfrost bilberry mead has been developed together with Mjödhamnen, Sweden’s largest and most distinguished mead producer.

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